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Stress Relief Healing Crystal Tumblestone Gift Set

Stress Relief Healing Crystal Tumblestone Gift Set

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This carefully-selected selection of crystals is renowned to decrease stress and promote equilibrium and serenity, with five meticulously-chosen crystals known to provide relief from stress. Each of these impactful crystals has distinct healing characteristics that can help to restore balance, diminish anxieties, reduce stress, and heighten feelings of peace and serenity.
Complete with pouch and information card making them ideal for gifting.

  • Amethyst is a natural sedative, providing relief from stress, irritation, and extreme emotion, such as rage, fear, and anxiety. It is also known for its potential for reducing sadness and eliminating negative emotions.
  • Rose Quartz tumblestone included in this set facilitates the unlocking of the heart chakra, permitting an influx of love and producing a state of calm and tranquillity in the body. Frequent exposure to this crystal engenders an atmosphere of pleasure, contentment, and optimism and can be a powerful aid in efforts to combat tension and foster emotional healing.
  • Black Tourmaline is included for its protective capabilities, safeguarding its wearer from external unhealthy influences while restoring emotional equilibrium, tranquillity, and serenity. Worn by many, Black Tourmaline is renowned for imparting a calming and balancing effect that benefits mental, spiritual, and physical well-being.
  • Sodalite is acclaimed for its mental-balancing properties, enhancing rational thought and dispelling any mental perplexity and unease. Noteworthy for its blue hues, it is thought to invoke a sense of serenity within its holder.
  • Labradorite is believed to produce healing energies and is purported to aid in diminishing feelings of anxiety and tension, as well as providing a restful sleep. Additionally, it is said to guard its holder from external negativity and foster spiritual advancement. It is a potent support for introspection and self-analysis, crafting a framework for inner transformation.
Please be aware as these are 100% authentic and natural the size colour will differ, but we will always select the best available for your set.

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  • Stone Information

    Amethyst ~ 20-25mm, 5-10g
    Clear Quartz ~ 20-25mm, 10-15g
    Tourmaline ~ 25-40mm, 20-25g
    Sodalite ~ 20mm, 5-10g
    Labradorite ~ 20-25mm, 10-15g

    *Please be aware as these are 100% authentic and natural the size/shape/colour will differ, but we will always select the best available for your set.

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